gTLDs in ICANN Extended Evaluation

To date, there have been approximately 900 applications that have been reviewed.  Of these 900, several have not passed the Clarifying Questions and are now gTLDs in ICANN Extended Evaluation process.  Extended Evaluation is for applicants who did not provide sufficient information in the Initial Evaluation to pass each of the four review categories:  financial, technical, registry services or geographic names.   In each case, the applicant is notified ahead of time so they can address the concern.  Generally, this is done with an e-mail requesting a time to discuss the manner.  During the call, the item will be discussed along with the options.  From my experience in the financial side it is usually due to the corporation not being able to provide the financial statements of the applying entity but perhaps given the financial statements of a consolidated entity.  The applicants will have then submit the requested information which will be reviewed by the same professionals who originally reviewed the application to score the questions based on the same criteria used in Initial Evaluation.   ICANN website will provide information on the results of the evaluation.

To date, the TLDs in extended evaluation are:

Attention: The internal data of table “2” is corrupted!

gTLDs in ICANN Extended Evaluation

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