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dotGreen Community Inc Withdraws Application Despite Upside of Private Auction

Surprising is the best word to describe news that dotGreen Community, Inc. has withdrawn their .green application with ICANN.   It’s a shame as they were a big part of the ICANN community and were passionate about a sustainable planet.  It is even more surprising that they decided to withdraw now after they had passed
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Time for gTLD Auction?

As posted on CircleId on August 15th, 2013: Today, Innovative Auctions announced the resolution of eight Top Level Domains in the second private gTLD auction commencing on August 13th for a total of $9,651,000.  With the first and second auctions successfully completed and the third auction scheduled for September 10th is now a good time for
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Domain Venture Afilias Year 1 Revenue Comparison

Afilias versus Domain Venture Partners gTLD Volumes

We received a few inquiries on the Famous Four Media / Domain Venture Partners TLD investment slide that was leaked. The slide reflects the different revenue streams along with volume and average prices. The original story was post on Domainincite.  Shortly thereafter, the volume of 25 TLDs applied for by Afilias were released.  How do
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gTLDs in Extended Evaluation

gTLDs in ICANN Extended Evaluation

To date, there have been approximately 900 applications that have been reviewed.  Of these 900, several have not passed the Clarifying Questions and are now gTLDs in ICANN Extended Evaluation process.  Extended Evaluation is for applicants who did not provide sufficient information in the Initial Evaluation to pass each of the four review categories:  financial,
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gTLD Withdrawal

Withdrawn gTLD Applications

Initially ICANN had 1,930 applications who paid $185,000 per TLD application.  Of the 1,930 applications, 664 were brands.   The ICANN timeline has been delayed and fraught with complications resulting in application withdrawn gTLD applications.  Depending on where an applicant was in the review process, a percentage of the initial application fee of $185,000 would
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gTLD Application Fees

gTLD Application Fees and Clarifying Questions

This week ICANN sent out their first batch of clarifying questions to an estimated 100 new gTLD applicants.  Understandably, applicants are concerned and wonder if it will impact their gTLD application fees and Clarifying Questions they will receive.  Clarifying questions do not increase your fees unless of course, you fail and go to Extended Evaluation. Hope
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New TLDs Auction

gTLD Auction: The Upside of Losing at Auction

gTLD Auction: The Upside of Losing at Auction On eBay, a Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich sold for $28,000, a ghost in a jar for $55,000, and a Corn Flake shaped like the state of Illinois $1,350.  In each of these very real examples, auction participants placed significant value on the items they were pursuing,
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ICANN New gTLD Auction Value

gTLD Auction Value

With the ICANN  gTLD prioritization draw plan now in motion, new TLD applicants are now turning their focus on contention set auctions.  The questions are similar:  “How much should I pay for my string in the auction?“, “How much is it worth to my business?“, “What do you think my competitors are going to pay for it
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ICANN New gTLDs Cashcow

ICANN Registers .CASHCOW with New gTLDs

This week, while everyone is preparing for the ICANN meeting to be held next week in Toronto, the June 30, 2012 Audited Financial Statements for ICANN were released.  Its clear, ICANN registers .cashcow with New gTLDs program. With over 1,900 gTLD applications at $185,000 each, one would expect some significant figures and these financials do
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ICANN New gTLD Applications

New gTLD List

The New gTLD List The first round of all new Top Level Domain applications and the TLDs applied for has been released.  View or search the complete list of gTLD’s here.    

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