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Door Closes for ICANN gTLD Applications

Well after an extended process with a bunch of unexpected hiccups, the door closes for ICANN gTLD applications process as of today, April 20, 2012.  It did not close with a big, roaring bang like we all expected but with a small whimper of relief.  Congratulations to the applicants, the registries, escrow agents and everyone else who
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Last day to submit gTLD applications to ICANN TAS System

Submit gTLD applications to ICANN TAS System Today The countdown is on. This is the last day to submit gTLD applications to ICANN TAS System.  If you have not received our confirmation that your application has been submitted please contact us immediately. The system is slow with everyone scrambling to get their applications in so
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New gTLD Applicantion Deadline

gTLD Deadline

The first gTLD application period is officially in the countdown stage.  The gTLD Deadline is Thursday, April 12th at 23:59 UTC.   Once the clock strikes midnight, the TAS system will be closed and everyone will either be relieved that their application is in, apprehensive over a potential string contention or crying because they missed the
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New TLD Revenue Projections

New TLD Revenue Projections need to properly reflect domain volumes. First year considerations: Sunrise Landrush Market penetration Basic right.  So in the first year you could say ‘We’re going to have 100 people buying our .TBA”. So you might think 100 = 100 multiplied by your sales price.  Seems straight-forward but there is a catch.
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New gTLD Applications Projections

ICANN gTLD Financial Questions

We’ve been reviewing a lot of the ICANN gTLD financial questions 45-49 and have a few observations regarding the financial questions: Audited financials are required for existing companies.  If you are not providing audited financials you should have a very strong reason as to why this is the case. Question 46:  Most likely scenario needs
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TLD Application Fee Deadline

A reminder that today is the TLD application fee deadline.  If you haven’t already initiated your wire transfer for the remainder of the $185,000 you need to do it TODAY.  Your application will be REJECTED if the full gTLD evaluation fee of $185,000 is not received before midnight on April 12th.  Keep in mind, Monday is a
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ICANN Batch Priority System

All applicants should be aware of the ICANN batch priority system and process.  With over 500 gTLD applicants, the applications are set in batches of 500.  Which batch you are in, is not based on when you submit your application but on a a time stamp process.  If you don’t have a preference, you can opt-out and
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TLD Deadline is Near

Nine days left to get your gTLD application in.  Yes, the TLD deadline is near… We’ve seen a lot of different business models from a variety of applicants.  From brands, countries and generic TLD’s. A few pointers: Registry Functions:  Most registrar’s need to provide the breakdown between the critical registry functions. Cohesive Plan:  Make sure
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ICANN New gTLD Application Business Plan Modelling

gTLD business plan modelling

If you are looking for some financial insight and need it for your gTLD application you are best to book a spot with us asap as we are almost out of time and space.  This is especially true for business requiring custom gTLD business plan modelling or need our assistance on market analysis and volume
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