gTLD List of Applicants

gTLD List of Applicants

The full gTLD list of applicants by priority, string, applicant, community or geographic priority and category can be selected to view the results.  To search the entire gTLD list of applicants use the search box to view the results.

A total of 751 applications were filed for 230 strings that are exact matches with at least one other application.  These contention sets will have to be settled before one applicant can move forward to delegation.

A quick overview:

  • 84 community-based applications
  • 66 applications for geographic names
  • 116 internationalized domain names
  • Approximately one-third of the applications are for .BRAND domain names

Breakdown of applicants by region are:

  • North America 911
  • Europe 675
  • Asia-Pacific 303
  • Latin America 24
  • Africa 17
Attention: The internal data of table “1” is corrupted!

gTLD List of Withdrawals

The gTLD applicant list is continuously being updated.  To view the applications that have been withdrawn click here.

Reference:  ICANN (2013).  New Generic Top Level Domains.


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