gTLD Statistics and Business Implications Q3 2015

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Top Level Domain Statistics and Business Implications Q3 2015 Overview

  • Average prices were based on prices at the end of September retrieved from GoDaddy, United Domains and 101 Domains.  If a TLD was not found on any of these three websites, an alternative source was used
  • Average number of registrations per day is the same as in Q2 at 33
  • .club continues to lead the market in both volume and revenue
  • Top 25 TLDs account for over a third of revenue and volume
  • Largest group of TLDs have between 1 to 5 daily registrations
  • Number of TLDs that will exceed ICANN’s minimum yearly fee is 8 plus a couple exceeding dataset (low-price in exchange to future renewals)
  • Largest group of TLDs are in the $ to $75 retail price range
  • Average revenue of all gTLDs within the dataset is $365k
  • Average retail prices ($35.16 to $83.82) within each tier differ yet the median price difference is minimal ($31.74 to $35.99)
  • Tier 2 is the only tier with a strong correlation between price and volume
  • Based on today’s data, 75% of TLDs are projected to operate at a loss for the next year, conservatively

Insights from gTLD Statistics and Business Implications Q3 2015

Tier 1:  Trailblazers – A strong pack of leading TLDs who continue to grow the gap over the other three tiers

gTLD Statistics and Business Implications Q3 2015

Gap from Tier 1 and all other TLD tiers is growing

  • Price is not propelling the volume, the caliber of the TLD is reflecting that registrants will choose and pay for a meaningful, relevant TLD
  • Over two-thirds of geographic TLDs are in tier 1 and 2
  • Yearly volume has increased quarter-over-quarter in both percentage and in volume
  • Strong registration volumes along with price
  • Surmise:  Tier 1 TLDs value are understood by registrants and/or the registries have promoted the TLD so its value proposition is understood

Tier 2:  Path Finders – Finding their way

  • Price is a factor in determining the TLDs volume
  • Difficulty is having registrants understand the value of the TLD and willing to pay for it.  Tier 1 TLDs have this figured out
  • TLDs that are similar and are first to market are 75% more likely to be in a higher tier
  • Overall volume of transactions have declined from Q1 and Q2
  • Average retail price of TLDs in this tier have declined in value
  • Surmise:  Tier 2 TLDs will need to put in a significant amount of work to become a Tier 1 TLD

Tier 3:  Campers – Niche groups of TLDs

  • A lot of niche TLDs where registries projected a lower volume and rightfully, increased price to make the TLD financially viable – expect that this will work
  • Small increase in the number of registrations
  • Big jump in the average retails prices as Tier 4 TLDs move upwards due to increased revenues again reflecting that registrants will purchase a meaningful, relevant TLD
  • Surmise:  Niche TLDs will be financially viable but those TLDs that are not niche focused have a lot of work ahead of them to be financially viable over the long-term and as more TLDs enter the market the work to move up will increase

Tier 4:  Hikers – Determining a pathway up!

  • Low daily volumes and retail registration prices
  • Only tier with clusters of TLDs with Political TLDs such as .democrat, .republican, .vote, .voting and Military TLDs such as .army, .navy, .airforce
  • Registration volume has increased
  • Average retail price has declined
  • Higher priced TLDs who have provided additional benefits or value add to registrants have moved to a higher tier
  • Surmise:  this tier is full of potential yet it needs to be acted upon.  Adding additional benefits/platform may be beneficial.  Also, with a note of caution, consideration of a low-price in exchange for volume may be a business model to be considered by TLDs in their tier

gTLD Business Implications Q3 2015 and the road ahead

  • Revenues and volumes will continue to increase
  • Volume of premium names will also grow in both volume and number of transactions
  • 75% of TLDs will not be profitable for the next year based on today’s numbers
  • More TLDs are still entering the market increasing competition and the need for registries to be more creative with a solid value proposition
  • Tipping point has not been reached requiring the entire TLD industry to work together to bridge the gap to the outside world!

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