ICANN gTLD Financial Questions

We’ve been reviewing a lot of the ICANN gTLD financial questions 45-49 and have a few observations regarding the financial questions:

  • Audited financials are required for existing companies.  If you are not providing audited financials you should have a very strong reason as to why this is the case.
  • Question 46:  Most likely scenario needs to be attached.   Justify your projections.  How did you arrive at your market figures and penetration rates?
  • Question 47 B:  Worst Case scenario – what are your ranges in costs and what are the factors that will increase/decrease these costs?
  • Question 48:  How are you funding your operations?  Are you basing it on your sales projections?  If so, what happens is you don’t meet your sales projections?  How are you covering your start-up months?  What will happen if you fall short and where are you going to get the funds to cover the shortfall?  Provide documents and backup that you have the funding in place.

Give ICANN the assurance that you understand the financial questions, have carefully analyzed your market, your volumes are realistic and you have carefully thought out and calculated your expenses.

New gTLD Applications Projections

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